I'm Rosye :) I don't care about what people say about my writing, I love it so it doesn't matter.

Prompts are always open. I have some rules though:
1) Always Louis-Centric
2) Any Louis pairing
3) Bottom!Louis

That's some of the reasons why I'm not good at most of the prompts I got, but I try!!

Read my 'Rules/Info' page to know for more about it.

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My bestie calls me booboo and she is the best thing in this world for me :)


Broken. (Zianourry oneshot. Lilo centric.)



Prompt: Hey, can you do a zianourry ageplay with baby!Liam, middle!Zayn and oldest!Harry (all under 5), parents!nouis. Lilo-centric. Zayn and Harry are running along the landing (upstairs hallway) when Liam is about to crawl downstairs, but they knock him by accident and he falls down them and breaks his arm. Can it focus on Liam wanting his Dada (L) and his Papa (N) but mainly on Lilo :) Thanks.

Warning/Type: child!fic.

AN: As always, I hope you guys like this! I tried to make it as long as I could! There’s not much else I could add I don’t think. Anyways, I’m trying to keep up with these prompts. I love getting them and there will be smut coming your way soon! The prompts I have so far sound wickedly fun to write. Enjoy the Lilo (and some Nouis) action and fluff!

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